Saturday, 28 October 2017

12Y10M 11Y1M ばれた Takara knows the truth now...



補習校で担任の先生が、お母さんと私は同じ年なのよみたいなことを言われたタカラは、そんなわけないだろうと、不思議に思っていた様子。今朝補習校行く途中思い出して、「ママって本当は何歳なの?」と聞いてきたので 、まあいいかと思って本当のことを言った。



I didn't tell Takara my real age... till this morning.

Arata got to know my age a couple of years ago. But he'd kept promise with me and never revealed the truth to Takara.

But Takara had been told by his class teacher at Saturday school that she and I were the same age. Of course, he had been puzzled as I look younger!? Anyway, he must have remembered it on our way to the school this morning. He simply asked me how old I really was.

I thought it's high time and told the truth.

He believed I was 10 years younger than my actual age.....

Takara must have been really shocked. He didn't want to attend any classes today........

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