Tuesday 28 March 2006

1Y3M ティッシュ! Give me some tissue!




The Sunday after mum went back, I rushed into the A&E at St Peter's. I had a severe sore throat and could not eat much as I kept feeling vomiting after meals. But the doctor who saw me just said, "Gargle with salty water." That's it. I felt so silly to be there. Whenever this sort of things happen, I strongly think we should move back to Japan, where we can see a specialist immediately. It's been getting warmer since weekend and I feel a little bit better, though. On Sunday, it was my second mother's day. I got a box of chocolate and a hand made mother's day card by nursery that Arata filled a bit of colour, well in fact, a couple of coloured lines. We had mother's day lunch at a restaurant in Cobham.

Arata points at a box of tissue when I say, "Arata, you have runny nose" or he spills some water from a cup. I give him a piece of tissue. Arata tries to wipe his nose or the floor. In this photo, Arata is wiping spilt juice on the high chair table. It's amazing. He has watched what we do for a long time, and one day, he starts to do it.

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