Monday, 3 October 2016

11Y10M 10Y0M 3回目のペスタ Arata's 3rd Pesta

アラタ、日本人学校で3回目のペスタ(学芸会)。Arata's 3rd Pesta, play performance at school.

今回は一番セリフも多く、以前みたいに声が小さくて聞こえないってことはなく、よく聞こえた。ゆっくりだけど、成長している。 He had more lines and unlike before his voice was clearer and loud enough for us to hear it. Slowly but certainly, he's grown into more confident boy....

His future dream is becoming a scientist!? 将来の夢はロボット科学者

Sunday, 2 October 2016

11Y9M 10Y0M タカラ10歳! Takara's 10th birthday!



Takara's turned 10 years old.

He is so stubborn and addicted to playing games. He has his own policies and if he doesn't like it, he wouldn't give in. However he is creative and shows interests in lots of things, and super smart! As his favourite sport is football, I want him to be good at it. But we can't find any good training squads in Penang...

Monday, 26 September 2016

11Y9M 9Y11M アラタカラ Aratakara


It's getting so difficult to take photos of my boys. Arata started to refuse to have a bathe with me about last Christmas, although he still walked around fully naked but looks a bit uncomfortable....

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

11Y9M 9Y11M ガーニーワーフ Gurney Wharf


For Gurney Wharf construction, land reclaiming has started from in front of our condominium. 

Spraying concrete コンクリートを撒いている

You can also see the outline of the planned artificial island 前方には人口島の外環も見えてきた

After heavy rain, the outline was partially submerged....  大雨の後一部水没・・・大丈夫か・・・?

これが完成予想図。第一フェーズは2018年に完成の予定とのこと。 The first phase is supposed to finish in 2018.

The park area by the sea is now under construction 海岸沿い公園部分の埋め立て開始

Friday, 16 September 2016

11Y9M 9Y11M CSCでランタンフェスティバル Lantern Festival at CSC




Attended the Lantern Festival at CSC. Thanks to Jane, Arata's team won the  3rd place of Lantern making competition. Arata worked hard to glue chopsticks!

The award for the 3rd place was..... money! It's very Malaysian! 3 boys shared RM90.

Monday, 12 September 2016

11Y9M 9Y11M 京劇 Chinese opera


レスリーチャンのFarewell my concubine(『さらば、わが愛』)、よかったなと思い出す。

During hungry ghost month, you can see Chinese opera everywhere. They simply block normal roads and set up temporary theatres. The operas are often in one of the dialects and you can find Mandarin subtitles....

This experience reminded me of 'Farewell my concubine" starred by Leslie Cheung....

Saturday, 3 September 2016

11Y9M 9Y11M Takara looks mature 大人っぽいタカラ


This will be Takara's new passport photo. He looks more mature than usual.