Saturday, 28 January 2017

12Y1M 10Y 3M 恭喜発財 Happy CNY

中華正月なので赤で! In red for CNY!



 This is the ninth Chinese New Year since we moved to Malaysia. Aratakara have spent most of his lives here....

We went to Pulau Aman with Kanesaka family. The only seafood restaurant on the island was open as the owner family is Malay. I quite like the fact that Malaysia is a country consisting of 3 different races. A kind of convenient.

We had nice seafood, boys and dads did kayaking. Was a good day.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

12Y0M 10Y3M 移動教室 Residential trip to Cameron Highlands


Takara was away to Cameron Highlands for SCIPS residential trip. He is so used to be away with his friends and teachers, like FOBISIA and ISAC. 

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

12Y0M 10Y3M 日本人学校水泳記録会 PJS Swimming gala





The last swimming gala at PJS primary group. Arata has been training at CSC since July and he has started to show some improvement. Kai, particularly, has worked hard towards breaking the school records and Arata also decided to go for it.

One child can only choose 3 events, of which they have to do 25M free. We knew Arata would be able to break 25m and 50m backstrokes, but it sounded too easy for him. I suggested him to forget about 25m back and swim 25m fly instead.

He wasn't successful in 25m fly and free by just 0.1sec. Some mothers said it must have been better if Arata  had swam 2 backstroke events. But I think it was more important for him to challenge rather difficult targets. In anyway, he's a school record holder of  50m backstroke for year 6 boys.

The 4 x 25 free style relay was also quite exciting to watch. PJS year 6 boys won over Uplands year 6 team. Well, they were actually one year younger than our boys, but it was still brilliant as PJS hasn't beaten Uplands for a long period of time.

Friday, 6 January 2017

12Y0M 10Y3M 一人で日本 In Japan without boys





As Nana was here for a month, I went to Japan alone to spend new year with my parents. I felt nothing much to do without boys, but I had lunch with my old friends from high school softball team, or met Kaori and Miki and hang around near Tokyo station.

The surrounding and setting at Otemachi, near Tokyo station, made me feel like going back to work. I also went to Tokyo University for the first time. The university has the academic atmosphere. It brought back the memory of good old days....

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

12Y0M 10Y2M アラタ12歳 Arata’s 12th birthday


Happy birthday, Arata! 

Sunday, 25 December 2016

11Y11M 10Y2M 最悪のクリスマス The worst ever Christmas!

I believe this is Aratakara's last letter to Santa... アラタカラのサンタへの最後の手紙かな・・・。

Takara is explaining what he found in the socks...... タカラがクリスマスソックスの中身について説明しているところ。


It was me who had been too busy to take care of this matter. I was too busy with visitors and work to do Christmas shopping till 24th Dec. On our way back from dinner at Tsunami village, I pretended to go to the toilet and got off the car in front of Gurney Plaza. It was already at 9.30. I had only half an hour, but I managed to get some small stuff. I walked back home and popped in every single shop, 7/11, petrol stations, cafes, etc. to find appropriate chocolate or biscuits. I got some and went home.
I wrapped them and carefully threw away all the sings. Ready. Jason told me he had some small presents already prepared. That’s fine, we can put both.

The window at the sitting room was unusually slightly open. Arata’s letter to Santa contained a kind line, “I want xxx but if you can’t find it, don’t worry too much.” Some milk for reindeers and biscuits for Santa were there.

On the Christmas day, boys get up very early. I noticed them already up and about. I went to the sitting room with a camera to hopefully capture boys’s smiles. Well, but Takara was upset. “This chocolate was in my Christmas sock. I saw it in the freezer. If the chocolate is gone, it must be Daddy!”
I went to the bedroom where Jason was up and browsing the internet, and quickly told him that Takara had found it out. Jason said, “I didn’t know boys look at the freezer.” Of course, they always look for ice cream, etc. in it. 

I was the worstly affected one. I always looked forward to seeing my sons’ very happy faces on Christmas mornings. It’s suddenly destroyed. No more innocent smiles from next year? Oh, so bad! I wanted to finish their childhood in much better way. 

I still couldn’t give up and told Takara, “probably Santa comes to only cold countries….” He replied, “then Daddy thought it’s pity on us and worked very hard in the last couple of years for us.” But in the early evening, when he was angry about something else, he said, “all adults are liars!!” Then he cried. I cried too.

Friday, 16 December 2016

11Y11M 10Y2M SCIPSでのタカラTakara at SCIPS

SCIPSYear 5のコンサートがSCIPSであった。



SCIPS Year 5 had big performances this month. Especially, Takara’s class Y5AR did the longest play in the 3 classes, but surprisingly he had no lines! It was like a déjà vu for me. 

When Arata was Y3, the class teacher forgot to give him a line! But apparently, Takara raised his hand when Mr Russell asked the class, ‘who wants the role without any lines?’ 

Most of the shy kids decided to take the roles ‘with fewer lines’, but my son proudly chose the one without any lines. At least it’s his choice, so not bad!?