Monday 14 August 2006

1Y7M 最悪の電車移動 Worst train ride


Canary Wharfへサンとテオくんに会いに行く。さすがに一年も会わないと、テオくん、街で会っても絶対にわからないぐらい変わっていた。アラタとたった一週間しか誕生日が違わないけれど、テオくんはもうサイズ6のオムツ-アラタはサイズ4-を使っている。




We went to Canary Wharf to see Sun and Theo. It's been 1 year since we saw them. Theo has changed a lot. I wouldn't be able to recognise him if we ran into each other in town. Theo is only a week younger than Arata but he is already using size 6 nappies, Arata is still using size 4!!
(Click here for Theo and Arata a year ago.)

Arata was carefully observing Theo at first and once he got used to him, Arata started to take whatever toys Theo was holding, as usual.... Then they started to play together but it's time for us to go home. What a shame! Sun and Dan has recently bought a newly built flat and Theo has his own room now. It's really cute room and I thought if Arata had a room like that, he would happily sleep by himself. I want to have our own house.

We came home with Jason from Waterloo and it was the worst ever train ride. Arata kept crying throughout the whole journey. The train was packed and people around us looked quite annoyed. I felt so stressed. Arata must have been tired because he hadn't had a nap at all.


Anonymous said...

えびぞりで 電車の中で泣かれて大変だったね。でも laksaさんも お腹も大きいし きつかっただろうなぁ。いくら ジェイソンがいても 満員電車は つらいもんね。 でも もうすぐ かわいい ベイビーと 会えると思うとがまんできるかな? ホリデーは楽しかったみたいでよかったね。あたしも子連れでホリデーどこかいきたい。暖かいところに行きたいよ!>

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