Friday 20 October 2006

1Y9M 2W4D お兄ちゃんと比べて… Compared to his brother..



「でかい」New Bornサイズのスリープスーツは生後すぐにきつくなり、Size1のオムツも買い過ぎた。








I didn't realise that brothers and sisters are all so different. Compared to Arata, Takara...

"is bigger" - 'New born' size became too tight soon after his birth. We bought too many size 1 nappies as well!

"has straight hair" - When it was wet, Arata's hair was wavy.

"has round face" - Who does he take it after?

"has the same..." - eyes as Jason. Arata's mouth, big hands, the shape of the nails and long eye lashes are from Jason.

"has the same..." - small mouth and hands, and the shape of the nails as me. Arata's eyes are mine.

"sleeps longer" - Takara sleeps most of the day. Arata was awake much much longer.

"low voice" - Arata's voice is very high!

Well, what parts are the same between Arata and Takara, then??

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