Wednesday 28 March 2007

2Y3M 26W3D 成田全日空ホテル ANA Narita hotel




We are allowed to check in luggage up to 50Kg among 3 of us and I've bought lots of stuff including baby food, a mattress for futon and even a small tatami carpet. The problem is, not all of us and luggage can go to my dad's car. In addition, our flight is around noon and we will definitely have to travel during the rush hour. We decided to stay one night at a hotel in Narita.

I luckily found a deal at ANA Narita hotel for 18000 yen (90 pounds) for 4 adults. (We don't have to pay for Aratakara but I chose a large room as it was only 3000 yen difference.) My dad left by car with our luggage. The rest of us left home in the early afternoon and took Shinkansen and Narita Express to Narita. After checking in, we had dinner at a restaurant on the 17th floor with beautiful night view. In the next morning, Nayumi came to visit us to the hotel for the last time. She had just arrived back to Narita from a 2 week holiday in Thailand.

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