Thursday 20 September 2007

2Y8M 51W3D 泣かなかったよ Arata didn't cry





Arata didn't cry while he was having his hair cut. It was the first time he didn't cry at all!!! It'd been always very hard and stressful to take him to a hair dresser but from now, he will be fine, I think. I told him that I will buy a book of Cranky, a friend of Thomas the tank engine, if he doesn't cry. And it probably worked. Whatever the motivation is, it was good for him! Well done, Arata. I praised him a lot later but when we look at this photo, we can feel his nervousness.

We then went to Mats'. Mats and Aata still don't play together and Arata was playing with Mats' toys quietly without letting him play together or giving them back when Mats wanted. So they had occasional small fights... as usual... Only when they were eating ice lolly, watching TV, they were nicely sitting side by side.

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