Friday 22 February 2008

3Y1M 1Y4M 反抗期 Terrible 3








I was thinking how lucky we were, Arata is such an easy child. Because he has past his 'terrible 2' period without any big problems. But Arata has given us lots of headaches recently. I was wondering what went wrong until I realised they are typical 3 years old behaviours.

At dinner, he has to swap the plates if he doesn't like the colour of one I prepare, or he has to go to fetch the spoon he wants for this particular meal, or he has to sit next to me but not opposite. In the morning, he tries to take as much time as possible to delay because he doesn't want to go to nursery. Well, these kind of things go on and on 24 hours a day....

Of course, not all his desires are achieved. But up until recently, we could talk him in if we explain him things logically. He's getting more tough and resists us. I know I always have to be calm, fair and firm. But often I just shout at him at the top of my voice and Arata talks back as if it was me telling him off.

Probably he is seeking our attention by doing bad things. (Negative attention is not good I know.) Or he often copies what Takara does. Dropping food from dinner table or putting yogurt all over his face etc. Does he behave like a baby again?

I don't know his behaviours are simple attention seeking, or his "terrible 3" behaviours. Probably bits of both?

Jason has been more stressed than I thought. He hysterically tells off children from time to time and he has looked really exhausted. Arata has started to say, "I don't like Daddy!" or "Go away!" It's not good to hear that even though we know it's not his real feeling and temporary and he is just a child.

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