Thursday 13 March 2008

3Y2M 1Y5M パブ Went to a pub




Law changed and pubs are open after 11 pm now. It's been changed for a while but I must have been to a pub first time since. I felt strange that we heard no 'last order' calls at 11 o'clock.

It's good for me that pubs are now open later because I can pop in after Aratakara go to sleep, and I still have enough time to enjoy myself. It's also good that we live in the town centre. I went to O'Neils for live music with Vera, Misa and Anne. We enjoyed drinking and dancing!

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Anonymous said...

いいねぇ~(^o^)丿。 11時過ぎまでパブで楽しめて、楽しそうな写真、良く撮れてるね。>