Friday 10 October 2008

3Y9M 2Y0M アラタの悲鳴 Arata's scream






Staglands Wildlife Reserve (スタッグランドワイルドライフ保護地)


When Takara was told off as he got down the dinner table and started to play, he called, "Arata, come!" and tried to involve him. Takara always calls for Arata before he goes down a big slide at play ground.

It's nice that Arataka have started to play together. Only the problem is Takara seems to believe that he is also 3 years old! He is usually the noisiest one in a play ground, and he wants to do everything Arata does.

Brave Takara can do most of the things and he is better at greetings compared to shy Arata, but he is still just 2 years old. He doesn't listen to us and we get very tired sometimes.

On the other hand, Arata thinks that he has to be better than Takara in whatsoever. He says, "I came out of mummy's tummy first, and I have to win everything." He means even with cheating. This morning, Arata was a bit behind in getting dressed. He was upset and took off one of Takara's socks to be able to be first to finish... When Arata knows he can not over turn the 'results', according to him, he keeps gambling for a while...

We went to

Staglands Wildlife Reserve

to see some farm animals this afternoon. Of course, it was Takara who touched and fed them in close range. Arata was screaming when animals moved!!

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