Sunday 25 January 2009

4Y0M 2Y3M 恭喜発財 Cong Xi Fa Cai


明日から15日間、お祝いをするそうで、その間中、ガーニードライブ周辺は毎日爆竹でうるさいらしい。先週は、IWA(Food Friends)のイベントで、E&Oホテルのシェフによるニューイヤー用果物の彫り物やスープの作り方講座に参加して、その後イーサン。



It will be the first day of the Chinese New Year tomorrow. When I was in Singapore 15 years ago, I was always working as a tour guide to a Japanese group from Singapore, who go on holiday during this season, on every Chinese New Year occasion, and I didn't spend my time watching what's happening there.

From tomorrow for 15 days, they celebrate the new year and if you live around Gurney drive, it will be continuously noisy as they do fireworks and party. I attended an IWA Food Friends event last week at E & O hotel. It started with how to curve fruits, how to cook new year soup, and finished with yee seng.

Yee Seng is a plate of salad and raw fish. Everybody at the table picks up a bit of salad with their chopsticks and raise them as high as possible, saying typical phrases of Chinese new year, like Cong Xi Fa Cai, to wish the luck of the new year.

At Arata's kindergarten, they celebrated Chinese New Year on Friday and parents went to join them. They demonstrated drum, songs and dance, then received an Ang Paoh (red packet - small envelope including some money) by saying "Cong Xi Fa Cai" to their teacher. We went to Takara's kindergarten today to see Lion dance. We feel very Chinese New Year now!


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こっちと同じでトロピカルな中の旧正月だから、何だかオーストラリアのChinese New Yearの写真見てるみたい。フフフ。