Thursday 9 July 2009

4Y6M 2Y9M ピアノ Piano


Musik GartenやKindermusik系の楽しみながら音楽に親しむクラスのトライアルにもいくつか行ってみた。それらのクラスの方が楽しそうにしていたし、興味あるかなあと思ったのだが、一人一台のエレクトーンを前に習うヤマハに行きたいと言い張るのでヤマハに決めた。


Arata is learning piano at Yamaha music school in Penang.

He tried Musik Garten and similar group music appreciation classes before, and to me Arata looked enjoying them a lot. But he insisted he wants to learn at Yamaha, where everybody has one piano each in front of them.

We bought a simple keyboard for him and he sometimes practices. But having a piano at home makes a big difference. At my parents, my mum's piano is always ready so Arata often sits at piano and plays it. He's practised piano much more than when he is in Penang.

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