Tuesday 15 September 2009

4Y8M 2Y11M タカラのお気に入り Takara's favourite girl








Takara was invited to his kindergarten friend's birthday party. I don't know much about his friends and I didn't know who Sara was, nor where her mother was from.

When we arrived at Sara's house, her mother said, "Oh, you are the one, Oliver's mum!" Apparently we had met before but I, my memory is really bad recently, couldn't remember. At least I can vaguely remember Sara.

She is from England and her house is very English. I was so amazed to see so "English" house here in Penang. Anyway after looking around a bit, I sat down and started to look at children. Then I realised Takara was the only boy!

According to Sara's mum, Sara's older sister, Kate asked her to invite Takara.

I then remembered that teacher Lin said to me a couple of weeks ago, "Oli likes a girl much older than him." Kate is 7 years old and she usually goes to primary school. But during holiday, she sometimes stays at the kindergarten.

When I was observing, Kate was really looking after Takara well. Takara also followed her saying like "I want to eat with Kate!"

I wonder why older girls, including Christina's 13 years old daughter, like to play with Takara? Is it because he interacts a lots for his age with other kids and he is good at expressing his all sorts of feelings? He always smiles and giggles and it may be attractive??

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