Friday 1 October 2010

5Y9M 3Y11M タカラ誕生会その1 Takara's birthday party 1







Takara's birthday party at Kindergarten. Jason and I went to see that.

Takara and a couple of children, 2 angels and 4 bakers, wearing a sweet apron made birthday cakes together. They cracked eggs, mixed cake dough... then they went to the garden to pick up flowers to decorate the birthday child's special table.

Soon, the cakes were ready. Children sat in the dining area. Takara decorated a cake with sliced bananas and icing sugar. Takara blew the candles and we all had the delicious chocolate cake.

Children moved to their room and sat in circle waiting for Takara coming in. Takara and 2 angels, Taira and Arata, entered the room. Junko, the teacher, talked about Takara's history by lighting candles one by one. When 4 candles were lit, the story finished.

Arata is not in the Japanese class. But this morning, he asked Teacher Nora and Junko to allow him to be at Takara's birthday party. He was successful and in the end, he was even chosen to be one of the 2 angels, who support the birthday child.

Takara did everything very well. When all the children said together to him "Happy birthday, Oliver kun", Takara replied "Arigato" clearly with confident.

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