Sunday 15 July 2012

7Y6M 5Y8M テニスと体操 Tennis and gymnastics


タカラはUSM近くの体操クラスのトライアルに行ってみた。初回だから全く参加せず見ていただけらしいが、次も行くというのでこちらも気に入ったかな。 やっとペナンで見つけた体操クラス、続けてほしいわ。


Arata has started to join group tennis lessons at CRC. Not too good not too bad, according to him. But he will start to like it soon, as he has wanted to do it. Only the things which demortibate him were, 'too many children and long waiting time to his turn' or 'too many girls and not many boys'.....

Takara went to a trial at gymnastics class near USM. Jason told me that Takara was only watching and not participating but he wants to go again, which means he liked it.

Penang is not big and we have not many choices on everything. But once boys want to try something, and luckily if we find a class, it's very cheap, and we don't usually hesitate to send them to a class. 

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