Friday 12 April 2013

8Y3M 6Y6M 蛍鑑賞ツアー Magical Fireflies tour

スパイラルシナジー主催のマジカルファイヤーフライに参加。ニボンテバル(Nibong Tebal)でおいしい中華を食べて、ボートに乗って蛍を鑑賞するという企画。



潮州レストラン Restaurant Cheang Kee
夕食は、ニボンテバルでも有名な潮州料理のCheang Kee。参加者が3つのラウンドテーブルに分かれておいしい中華を堪能。えびの揚げ物、梅干味のスチームフィッシュ、味噌味のアサリ炒め、ベイビーオクトパス(茹でダコ)・・・など10皿ほどのすべてが美味。最後に、ニボンテバルで有名なクラブポリッジ(蟹お粥)。

蟹お粥 Crab porridge
ベイビーオクトパス Baby octopus




We went to the Magical Fireflies tour organised by Spiral Synergy. It's a most well-received event by them, which includes delicious dinner and fire fly watching from a boat in Nibong Tebal.

We got on a bus at 5PM from a pick-up point on Gurney Drive. I was expecting a mini van but a big tourist bus pulled over. Michelle said they had a big sign-ups and had to arrange a big bus. I saw a few familiar faces on board and felt really being on tour.

As Friday evening is said to be the worst moment for Penang Bridge, I was expecting heavy traffic to cross to the mainland. Luckily it wasn't so bad. After all, I wasn't driving, which made me feel more relaxed. Before 6.30PM, we arrived at the restaurant for dinner.

Nibong Tebal is a small town about an hour from George Town. It's just under the point where the 2nd Penang Bridge is scheduled to linked to mainland. There are a several fishing villages and palm tree plantations around. Along river Krian is the sanctuary for fire flies, which attract a number of visitors.

We had dinner at Cheang Kee Teochew restaurant. We were quite a big group and given 3 big round tables. Fried big prawns, steamed fish with sour plum, clams fried with miso, boiled baby octopus.... we had about 10 dishes on each table. All so delicious. And at the end of the course, we were served with the famous crab porridge. It was so nice!

It was about 8 PM and the jetty is about 5 minute drive from the restaurant. With a life jacket on, off we went to dark Kiran river on a small boat. When we went farther from the lights of the town, we started to see tiny lights on trees. Some of the trees had quite a number of fireflies and they looked like a Christmas tree. It was an amazingly beautiful 40 minute trip. We all enjoyed it.

Spiral Synergy organises Magical Fireflies event every now and then. They arrange a transportation from George Town, which leaves at 5 PM, and coming back at about 10PM. RM120 for adults, RM70 for kids, including transportation, dinner (including beer of course) and boat trip.

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