Friday 26 July 2013

8Y7M 6Y9M 近所のお友達、マレーシア語を話す外人 Making friends quickly, foreigners who speak Malaysian!?







Aratakara made lots of friends in just 10 days. When they went to the nearby park, they always saw some children they knew. A couple of Takara's friends even came to visit him to my parents' house.

It was quite easy for them to just walk to a park (if they can go to school on their own, it's no problem), and they could spend the whole morning there. I felt Japan was very safe. This can not be done in England or Malaysia.

Takara's friends called him "Oliver-kun" and Arata's classmates, especially girls called him "Naka-P". Well, it must have been a strange feeling to be called "Nakazato-kun" at school anyway.

Children at school thought Aratakara were Malaysian who speaks Malaysian language. Aratakara look different from ordinary Japanese, I mean it's apparent they are mixed races, but children must have only thought this is because they were Malaysian!

Actually the school never asked me about Jason and they didn't even know if Aratakara's father was Kiwi. Probably teachers knew they were mixed races, but their family name is Japanese, and they might have also confused and probably very curious. But nobody never asked me anything....

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