Sunday 16 November 2014

9Y10M 8Y1M 初ボリウッドダンスパフォーマンス My first Bollywood dance performance

ペナンに来て以来、Dance StudioやYMCAでボリウッドダンスをたまに習ったりしていたが、今回、2回の練習で初めて人前で踊りました。


I've learnt Bollywood dance at Dance Studio or YMCA now and then since we moved to Penang 6 years ago. Finally, I had a first ever performance on stage at IWA Christmas bazaar.

There were quite a few non-Japanese dancers at first but as we had only 2 weeks to prepare, all of them dropped out except for Yashi. So it was more or less only Japanese dance team. We practiced at home on our own and managed to complete our dance to the level of somehow acceptable...? It is a very good part of being Japanese - being serious about everything and afraid of being embarrassed.

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