Thursday 28 April 2016

11Y4M 9Y6M マーケットデイ Market Day

IPCトピック Young Entrepreneurs のExit Point は自分たちでビジネスをしてみる体験というのが面白い。

学校からRM50の資金を借りて、それを元手にグループで考えたプランで収益を得る。 Market Day には親も参加して、子供達の売り上げに貢献。




Now RM6!?

For Takara's school's IPC exit point for Young Entrepreneurs, kids tried to run a small business. It's very interesting.

They got RM50 loan from the school and set up business in a small group. The businesses are operated on "Market Day", that parents and other students come to buy things or pay for services to support the children.

Takara and his group had decided to bake cupcakes. They prepared cakes at our place, Oliver always asks his friends to come to his house......, luckily, Kosei's mum came to help us, well, actually, without her help, I couldn't have managed it....

On the market day, the team started to sell the cakes for RM4. I thought it was a bit expensive for the size. But  anyway, their mothers came to buy in bulk and their sales was good. The boys must be business-minded or aggressive??, they soon increased the price to RM6!. Takara told me later they couldn't sell much after we left. Yes, of course... too expensive.... well, at least they also learnt something important for business.

The actual profit was about RM70, which will be donated to charity.

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