Tuesday 13 December 2016

11Y11M 10Y2M キャットビーチチャリティーコンサート A very meowy Christmas concert


Nancy’s Penang Light Choir group sang for ‘A very meowy Christmas’ concert. It’s for a charity organization who takes stray and unwanted cats to look after. Well, I didn’t intend to sing for such a proper concert, which took place at Penangpac. But it just happened.

It was difficult to learn more than 10 English songs by heart. But the standard required here is slightly lower than by Japanese groups. So I kind of manage to do it. 

In 2 songs, we needed child cat dancers. Takara and his friend danced with other girls. As they were the only boys, they gave the performance a bit of spice. There were like actual 2 very selfish cats.

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