Wednesday 19 August 2020

15Y7M 13Y10M ホームシック Feeling homesick






It's been nearly 10 days since Arata left. Another lockdown has been imposed in Auckland, and the rest of NZ has been level 2 since. I was a bit preoccupied by the news updates everyday and didn't have much time to feel missing of Arata. Of course, for him, he is still in the middle of 14-day self-isolation. Not proper wifi at my parents. It must be like a house arrest.

On top of that, it's dangerously hot in Japan. Arata hasn't experienced that level of hotness. He must feel anxious about his new school too. He has begun to feel homesick.

Since it is too hot upstairs, he's started to sleep in the lounge downstairs. But apparently he couldn't sleep till 4 AM the day before yesterday and he kept going back to the toilet as he felt he wanted to pee. (But nothing came out.)

He rang me sobbing at about 3 AM, complaining he hated that he felt he wanted to go to toilet often, but he couldn't control it. (This has been improved since Arata moved away the bed from the spot air-conditioning directly blows on. Unlike Takara, who was always sleeping under the air-conditioning all night in Penang, Arata didn't need colder temperature to comfortably sleep.)

Anyway, Arata complained he doesn't like not having his family around. Once school starts next week, he will become busier and not have time to think about it much..... Poor Arata. I wanted to be with him....


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