Friday 30 April 2004

6W 4D Motoと食事 Meet up with Moto

久しぶりにMotoと会う。お気に入りのマレーシアンカフェに行く。またバクテ(肉骨茶)を食べる。美味!その後 Le Meridien のバーに行く。白ワイン一杯は飲むが、それ以上飲みたいと思わない。本当に体が欲しないのと、もしかしたらという気持ちがある。Motoには、なんだか太ったんじゃないと、ぽちゃこさんと呼ばれた。Bootsで妊娠検査薬購入。明日試す。

I saw Moto. We went to my favourite Malaysian Cafe in China town. I had Bah Ku Teh again. It's gorgeous! We then went to the bar at Le Meridien at Piccadilly. I had a glass of white wine but I did not feel like having more. Not only I was a bit worried about 'If I am pregnant' but also my body did not crave for any more wine. Strange! Moto told me that I looked fatter than before. He decided to call me 'Pochako san'. I bought pregnancy test kit at Boots. I will try it tomorrow!

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