Saturday 1 May 2004

6W 5D 一年記念 One year anniversary


Pregnancy Test

I did the pregnancy test this morning. I was quite nervous. I put the test kit on the table but I covered it with a piece of paper while waiting for 5 minutes till the result appeared. I announced Jason that I would remove the paper now, took a deep breath, then pick up the test kit under the paper. It was positive. Very clear pink line on the result window. Very strange feeling. I tried another kit as remembering one scene from the film 'Sliding door', Gwenyth Paltow does 6 tests in the film,and positive again. I must be pregnant. Incidentally, I was looking at my diary and found that Jason and I first met on the 2nd of May last year. It's been exactly one year today. What's more, his mom's birthday is on the 2nd of May.

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