Saturday 15 May 2004

8W5D 会社にいつ言うか When shall I announce my pregnancy to work

きのう2日ぶりに出社。病欠一日目には何も考えずに「腹痛のためA&Eにいく」と伝えたため、みんなが妊娠でもしてんじゃないのって思ったらしい。Jason と話し合った結果、産休の申請も7月下旬ぐらいまでにすれば法的に問題もないということで、会社にはしばらく言わないことにした。個人的には,


I went to work first time after the bleeding yesterday. I texted Tosh on Wednesday that I was going to the A&E as I had a terrible pain in my stomach. And my colleagues were rumouring about my possible pregnancy. After talking to Jason, I have decided not to let my work know my pregnancy till the last minutes, calculating according to the law, I will need to tell my work by the end of July. Personally, I think it would be easy if I announced my pregnancy to them as I could ask Tosh's wife for some advice. But if my pregnancy goes wrong soon after my announcement, it will be a bit dozzy. What's more, my employer is very Japanese and even though they have to follow the British law, they may start to harass me verbally or they would go further and try to make me redundant.

Some trace of bleeding but not much.

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