Friday 14 May 2004

8W4D 両親に伝える Broke the news to my parents


I told my parents about my pregnancy yesterday. Migraine did not improve, no idea about pain killers nor threatened miscarriage. I was a bit worried about everything and I needed some professional advice from my mom. I also felt much more confident after seeing the bean like baby in my tummy and listened to the heart beat the other day.


I wanted to break the news to my mom first. But she was out at 8.00 PM as usual! It's a bit odd but I just talked to my dad about my pregnancy. I did not forget to emphasise that there are still some risks of miscarriage and Down's syndrome etc as I am not that young. Dad sounded quite excited . 'Mom and I used to talk about that we may never become grandparents. Hiro and Motoko do not seem to take interest in having children. And you were single for a long time. But just couple of weeks ago, we were are talking about the chances of you fulfilling our dream! What a coincidence!' I have probably been brain-washed by my parents secretly to fulfil their dream? It could, because I don't know myself if I really like children but I've always felt strongly that I have to give birth some time in my life.


My mom returned my call later but she did not sound as excited as I expected. She told me that she got pregnant with me and my brother just as planned without any delays. It confirmed that this thing is running in my family. She also said, both my brother and I stayed longer in her tummy than scheduled. Shaisen! I can not expect my baby out one month earlier than planned, just before my birthday while I am still in my 30s!!


I still have a bit trace of old blood.

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