Thursday 8 July 2004

16W 3D 子宮頚癌再検査 Repeat smear test





I went to GP to have a repeat smear test this morning. But I did not take it. The Chinese nurse I met before was in charge. I believe that I must have been Chinese in the last life time and I feel really relaxed be with Chinese people. Anyway, I asked her whether it's safe to take the test while I am pregnant. She said it's not good straight away. Unless I had a history of this problem before, I should take it after child delivery. According to her, if something happens, such as miscarriage, due to the test, GP will be sued and they do not want to take a risk. I can take the test after about 6 weeks from the delivery.

I felt sorry for her that she had prepared the bed for the test. I said, 'Sorry for wasting your time. I should have checked this before,' then she replied, 'Don't worry.'

I chatted with her for a while. I told her that it is quite difficult to understand my midwife's English and it seems the midwife I met last week is different from the one who had contacted me by phone previously. She said, 'Oh, the one contacted you before is now on maternity leave!' I see. The black lady is the replacement for her.

According to the nurse, if it is difficult to understand the midwife, they can arrange an interpreter for free of charge. It's really a good service. But not that bad for me, I said. She told me that if I do not like the midwife, don't put up with it. I could talk about it with my GP. I think I will give the black lady another chance, my next appointment is in the beginning of August, and if I find it still difficult, I will consider it.

We are going to Brindisi, Italy, from tomorrow afternoon. We are going there just to eat nice Italian pasta! Nobody, including us, has ever heard of the town except for Rea. She is Greek and Brindisi is a port town from Italy to Greece. Tourists may pass the town when they go to Greece by ship. Can we really have nice Italian cuisine? But not only semi-Greek food? Well, anyway, I just hope we will not experience any turbulence during the flight.

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