Friday 13 August 2004

21W 5D 母からの真夜中の電話 A midnight call from mom

Rain & Southwark Bridge





We've had lots of late afternoon shower recently. It's like summer in Japan 20 years ago. This photo was taken from an office window, overlooking the Southwark bridge with heavy shower.

I received a mobile message on our way back home yesterday. The message was left at 8.45 PM. What time was it in Japan? Oh, no, it's about 5 AM! I started to get panicked because it may have been an urgent call. Something happened to my family? Jason calmly said, 'Probably your mom is worried about your conditions and can not sleep.' 'But my mom is a typical blood type O. Those in blood type O usually do not worry much.' Anyway, I called back immediately. Mom answered the phone saying. 'I fell asleep in the middle of exchanging e-mails with you about water breaking last night. I wonder how you are.'

Mom must be quite worried about my pregnancy. It's her, and Jason's mom's, first grandchild! To make things worse, at least for mom, I was born to be clumsy. I logically explained her that 'the' water must have been innocent. To be honest, I am not 100% sure but it has not happened ever since. And, if I had gone to the toilet one hour later, the suspect water would have dried up and I would not have even noticed it. If that was baby water, there would be lots more water breaking incidents without anybody realising. This is my own logic, though.

After talking to mom over one hour, she seemed to be a bit calmer and probably more convinced. She said, 'Don't take a bath tonight and just take a shower. Go to bed early and have a nice rest' then hang up. I must have been convinced myself that everything is ok but after talking to her, I started to feel a bit uncomfortable about my logic. After all, what the Labour Ward midwife told me was quite unclear for me. 'When it happens again, call us' she said. But how can I know when the next is because we have constant whatever sorts of discharge during pregnancy..... I try to believe that she meant 'if I feel something is not quite right.'

The opening ceremony of Olympics 2004 took place yesterday. I really want to go to see some softball matches. Tickets are still on sale. I'm quite sure that Softball will not be broadcasted in the U.K. When I was playing softball for our university, we were carrying a small budge for 'Make Softball one of the Olympics games' campaign. It's been so long time ago....

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