Friday 13 August 2004

21W 4D 破水について About breaking water





Vongole no kara

According to Keiko, my midwife friend, even doctors or midwives have to check the 'water' by dipping litmus paper in it. When we take a bath, some water get in and come out later, and we start to think it may be baby water. The water is no colour, transparent and no smell, probably subtle raw smell? Keiko can tell from her experiences but it is difficult for ordinary people. About the amount of the water, the amount of baby water itself differs depending on the pregnancy week. And the amount of breaking water is also different. The best solution is to see a doctor.

If untreated, the baby will have a great risk of contracting some sort of infections. If we suspect water breaks, put a sanitary pad and go to doctor. Do not take a bath, as this may cause unclean infectious prone water get through to the uterine.

I am wearing a pad at the moment. But unlike dark colour underwear, I can not really tell if the discharge is even watery or not. It's difficult to know if the water broke and untreated, or nothing happened.

I found a really good Italian restaurant at lunch time. It's near Bow Lane. I have not had such tasty Vongole for a long time! For dinner, Jason and I went to a Thai restaurant near Aldgate. Our baby always starts to move just after I finish eating. He may be complaining the noise of digestion!

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