Tuesday 14 September 2004

26W 1D 眠れぬ夜 Could not sleep...




I could not sleep at all last night. Well, I was thinking about the money I spent yesterday and my mind was really clear and could not stop regretting. I bought 2 pairs of glasses yesterday. It cost me 300 pounds! It's a sort of 2 for 1 offer but 300 pounds is huge money for me. As usual, I was thinking whether I should go back and ask for a refund etc..... Ayako and I used to talk about 3 categories of people grouped by their shopping attitude. 1. Taking time before deciding to buy something 2. Once bought something, never regret 3. Buy something spontaneously but regret after coming home. Kawano is in category number 1, Ayako, 2, and I am always 3....

What's more, when I was tossing and turning in the bed, my left thigh started to sore. It's like the pain I would have when I was about 10 to 12 years old. The pain was caused by the muscle which could not catch up with the speed of hight growing. Why now? Is it something to do with the sudden increase of weight?

I was supposed to start to work from 8 today but I felt I was going to feel very bad if I went to work and decided to have a day off.

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