Wednesday 15 September 2004

26W 2D 助産婦とのアポ An appointment with midwife



血液検査の用紙をもらったので、今日少しだけ会社を早引きしてRoyal London Hospitalへ。血糖値、ブラッドカウントの検査だ。血糖値は妊娠中の糖尿病をチェック。ブラッドカウントは貧血気味ではないかを調べる。結果はまだわからない。

I had a check-up with midwife yesterday. It was quite terrible that I had to wait for 2 hours for my turn even though I was in time for the appointment. Anyway... the midwife asked a couple of questions about my conditions, checking urine sample, measuring blood pressure and checking the baby's heart sound. Urine check still found some trace of blood but not as bad as before. Blood pressure and baby's heart beat were normal. When she was checking the baby's heart beat, the midwife looked a bit puzzled and started to measure the vertical size of my bump. She told me that she felt my bump was not big enough even though the baby was coming quite high up. The measurement turned out to be normal. Probably she'd been looking at many bumps of Caucasian women before me. Of course, compared to them, my bump is small. Their tummy is anyway bigger than mine even without pregnancy. Recently I read an article about the average waist size of British women. It is surprisingly 86cm!!! So, when they get pregnant, their bumps must look much much bigger than mine!

I'm now in the 27th week and the midwife told me to check the baby's movements by counting the number of time. If it is 10 times in 12 hours, it's normal. If the number is less or the interval becomes longer, I need to contact the Labour Ward. About antenatal classes, she also suggested us to book sessions. It is best to attend the classes from about 30th week. Jason and I are going to attend together. The evening course is 2 hours a day for 4 sessions.

I've been to the Royal London hospital after work today to have blood tests. This time, they check glucose random and blood count. By checking glucose count, they can find if I have diabetes. From blood count, they can tell if I have anemia.

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