Wednesday 6 October 2004

29W 2D 赤ちゃんの向き Baby's positions





I had a day off yesterday as I felt I was going to catch a cold. After staying in bed all day, I feel much better. But I could not sleep well last night, because I slept too much during the day time, and I had lots of nightmares.

At the last check up, I was told that my baby is lying head to top, breech, position. I've checked when the baby will go upside down. It's between the 33th and 34th week and at around 37th to 38th week, the baby gets 'engaged' in the pelvis.

In addition, I've found that it is quite important which way the baby is facing to, posterior or anterior position. If the baby is lying in a 'posterior position - with its back to my back, it will be harder for the baby to engage in the pelvis. What's more, at this position in labour, the water breaks at the beginning of labour, I will have lots of backaches between contractions, the baby may need a suction device to come out and it will take longer in labour.

More women tend to have babies in a posterior position nowadays. It's because we have stopped moving during pregnancy and instead, sitting in a comfortable sofa or working all day at desk. These reduce the chances to the baby to turn round to the anterior position, as babies can not set position their back to our back naturally with the head weight. To put the baby right position, we need to make sure knees are always lower than the hips. Put cushions under the chair to keep the keens below hips, move round from time to time at work, watching TV on all fours 10 minutes par day. In England, their grannies used to say that the cleaning the kitchen floor on all fours was good for labour. It's probably logical. Is Japanese old saying 'Let pregnant women clean the toilets' same thing??

I always sit on the bed stretching my legs and do the internet. It does not seem to be good, either. Probably, it is still ok but I have to be careful in a couple of weeks time.

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