Sunday 3 October 2004

28W 6D さらしタイプの腹帯と妊婦用クッション Japanese traditional bump belt and maternity cushion






salashi type bump belt

I can not move swiftly at all. I put the keyboard virtually on my bump at work and leaning my back behind . When I have to answer the phone, it is a big work. I have to get up with lots of effort and reach the handset. At night, it will never become comfortable. Whenever I turn my body, I groan and pull the duvet. Jason probably can not sleep well, either.

I read about maternity pillows on the Internet and decided to try them out. There are 3 different types. Bolster like, 2 cushions attached, and wedge shaped types. The bolster type looked good but for some reason they are very expensive in the U.K. unlike U.S. I bought a wedge shaped type from eBay. I slept with it yesterday and it was not bad. I may need another one as I turn my body during night. I put a small bolster from Singapore between my thighs, put a pillow under my shoulders and put this maternity pillow under my bump. Hope my sleeping conditions will be improved.

The cloth type bump belt. I've been wearing it today. I checked how to put it on on the net. Yes, it is quite comfortable as I can adjust the tightness. But as expected, it becomes loose easily and I feel like taking it off whenever I go to the toilet. A bit too much work.... I will try it on weekends for a while to get used to it, then probably at work when the bump grows bigger.

I've read that this bump belts are a Japanese original and they do not exist even in Korea nor China. It's just a piece of long cotton cloth. Women used to use husband's Fundoshi - also a piece of long cloth to use as underwear before Western style briefs were introduced - as a bump belt.....

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