Wednesday 13 October 2004

30W 2D 出産前検診2回目 The second Antenatal Clinic

2回目の出産前検診に Royal London Hospital へ。一回目はかなり待たされたから、今日は朝一番9時の予約を取ってはいたが、やはり、産婦人科医に会えたのは1時間後。その後、血液検査のためまた1時間ほど待たされた。疲れる・・・。



I had the second antenatal clinic this morning at the Royal London Hospital. To avoid long waiting hours, I booked the earliest appointment, at 9 am, but I still had to wait for 1 hour! And another 1 hour for the blood sample taken.....

The doctor I met today was an Asian female doctor. She speaks with very strong accent and it was quite difficult to understand her. I had to ask her to repeat many times. There was an intern female doctor as well and she measured the length of my bump and checked the baby position by touching the bump. From the length of the bump, the doctors said that my baby is growing normal. The heart beat present. My blood pressure was also normal (100/60). I've been concern about my blood pressure because my mum suffered from high blood pressure when she was pregnant with me and I may also have it. Luckily, so far no symptoms and I really hope it will not happen to me. Some blood trace as usual and a small amount of protein was found in my urine sample. There was some white cell in it as well and the sample was sent to the further examination. I may have some infection like cystitis.

The doctor explained me the results of the ultrasound check-up on kidneys and bladder which I took about a month ago. The bladder and the left kidney are normal but there is 9 mm cyst in my right kidney. Noting serious, the doctor reassured me. I had to go for another blood test, though, and I will come to see a doctor for the result in 2 weeks time. By the way, I was quite surprised to know that my right kidney is 11 cm long! I did not know kidneys are so big.

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