Thursday 9 December 2004

38W 3D フィジオセラピストの出産前クラス Antenatal class by Physiotherapist

Christmas presents





Jason put up a Christmas tree yesterday. We've received presents from Japan and New Zealand. Feeling very Christmas!

I went to an Antenatal class run by a physiotherapist. It's held during day time and I could not attend while I was still working. Today's topics was 'Breathing and Relaxation'.

In the first stage of labour, use long, gentle sighing-out breaths, called SOS - sighing out slowly. As the contractions build, use more force when blowing out. During the transition period, use panting and Ho-ho-ha. In the second stage of labour, use diaphragmatic breathing. Brace, bulge the abdomen and relax the pelvic floor muscles. Exhale slowly as bearing down. When delivering the head, use panting and Ho-ho-ha.

After I went home, I started to watch 'All in' but just fell asleep. After waking up, I kept watching it till Jason came back. These lazy hours are really nice to me. We went to the Chinese nearby for dinner. Probably it was my last toffee banana before baby's birth.

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