Friday 18 February 2005

+7W 4D 指しゃぶり Thumb-sucking




The bouncer, which is a present from my work colleagues, is suitable for the babies between 0 to 6 months. But when we tried putting Arata on before, he didn't take interest in it at all. He's started to enjoy it recently.

Arata has started to suck his thumb. In fact, it is not the thumb but the fist. Last night, we heard very strong sucking noise from the bedroom and rushed in. We only found Arata was sucking the fist in dark!

Thumb-sucking is one of the surviving instinct, same as the one to suck nipples for milk, and babies suck whatever touches his mouth. It's also a part of learning his own body parts. As sucking mum's nipples comfort babies, sucking the thumb also calm them down, and babies tend to do it before falling sleep at night. It's not a sign of being hungry. No need to stop babies from doing thumb-sucking. If babies are given dummies, they need to stop sucking them before the permanent teeth start to appear, which is at about 6 years old.

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