Wednesday 16 February 2005

+7W 2D 私の6週間検診 My 6 week check-up


産後6週間検診にRoyal London Hospitalへ。相変わらず血尿が出ている以外は問題がないのでDischargeされた。これをもって産後の検診は終了。今後何かあったらGPへ行く。産後に腎臓のバイオプシーをやる件については、今日の医者がGPにフォローアップを依頼する。午後は、病院でやっている産後エクササイズクラスに行く。アラタがむずがっていてほとんどできなかったが。

Arata has started to follow us moving around much longer recently. This photo was taken when he was following me with his big eyes.

Went to the Royal London Hospital for my 6 week check-up. Blood ++ in urine but others are all fine and I was discharged. The doctor will send a letter to my GP to take care of the further kidney check-up. In the afternoon, I also went to a postnatal exercise class at the hospital. Arata was being not settled and I couldn't do much.

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