Monday 21 February 2005

+8W 0D 5種混合+1予防接種 5 in one + 1 immunisation




He weighed 5.33 kg today. Went to GP to have his first immunisation jabs. He had Diphtheria, Tetanus, Whooping Cough, Polio, Hib jab to his left thigh, Men C to his right. The nurse told me that it's more difficult to console mums. Yes, I understood it. It looks so cruel! Arata cried very loud although he stopped immediately after the jabs. When babies grow older, it will be more difficult to settle them, the nurse added. GP don't check babies' temperature so I did it before leaving. We also stayed at the clinic for about 30 minutes for just in case.

Most babies develop temperature after the immunisation. Arata was prescribed syrup type paracetamol. I was told to give it if baby seems unwell regardless of temperature. I felt he was not well this afternoon and gave him 2.5 ml. Well, it was so difficult to make him take the medicine from his mouth. Of course, it was not tasty, rather terrible, I reckon, and Arata kept crying worse than he got jabs! I thought he was going to be out of breath! I'm not sure if paracetamol worked or Arata didn't have temperature at all but he seemed to be normal by the evening.

I'm worried about Arata 'probably going to develop high temperature' too mcuh, I know. When I was a child, I often got cold and temperature with convulusions. My mum was still young and she sometimes called an ambulance. She's told me how difficult these days were again and again. This may have made me believe children's temperature is dangerous and scary.

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