Wednesday 23 February 2005

+8W 2D Jasonの目? Jason's eyes?



Baby's face changes everyday! Arata had oriental eyes until a couple of weeks ago but he now has very round eyes with double eyelid! Both Jason and I have double eyelid and it's really controversial!? Some say Arata's eyes are my eyes and others think they are from Jason. From this photo, they look more like Jason's.

Arata has been fine after the immunisation. But still, it must have been one of his first ordeals. He's suddenly waken up during sleep in the last 2 days, with very high sharp cry. He then goes back to sleep. He must be having a dream of the jabs! By the way, when babies are given paracetamol with some flavour, they like taking it, I've read. The one prescribed by GP is sugar free and colour free. It must be horrible!!! I will give Arata Calpol, which is also paracetamol but with raspberry flavour, next time.

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