Monday 28 February 2005

+9W 1D 2ヶ月 2 months old



Arata is now 2 months old. He's started to make more complicated noises and sometimes tries to talk to us. In the morning, he smiles at us when he first sees us. He can burp by himself. When laid on his stomach, he can raise his head for a while. His favourite exercise is 'riding bicycle' movements and when we are interacting with him, holding his arms and legs up and down etc, he really enjoys it. Arata opens his eyes wide and shows us how well he can do! But if I am playing with him watching TV, he always stares at me. I feel guilty because he looks at me as if he knows I'm not concentrating.

He is heavy. I've had a backache since yesterday. Migraine is also attacking me today. Jason's taken a day off and looked after Arata. Love you, J! These photos are: Arata 3 days after birth (left) and 2 months (right).

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Anonymous said...

If you watch Arata "cycling" for long enough, you notice that he eventually gets to the park, and starts throwing a ball (moving arms in throwing motion and keeping legs almost still) and running around (moving legs with arms at his sides). After a while of that, he gets back on his bicycle (moving legs in circular motions while holding his arms out in front of him) and rides home.>