Saturday 26 March 2005

+12W 5D 抜け毛 Hair falling out



During pregnancy, my hair condition was really good. It was shining and beautiful. Not much hair fell out. As most of the new mums complain, my hair has also started to fall out recently. Lots of hairs on the floor in our flat! And it's not only me. Arata has started to lose his hair as well. You can find loads of his short downy hairs in the cot.

Hair growth has 2 stages, the growing and the resting, after which, it falls out. Towards the end of the pregnancy, estrogen level increases. As estrogen helps the hair growing period extend, we don't have much hair lost. However, after giving birth, the level of the hormone goes back to normal and the hairs which have been kept survived by the extra hormone get into the resting stage all together. This is why we lose lots of hair when pregnancy finishes. The babies also experience the similar processes and around 3 to 4 months after birth, baby's downy hair starts to fall out. When baby's new hair comes in, it will be different colour and texture. I wonder what colour of hair Arata is going to have!

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