Thursday 24 March 2005

+12W 4D お風呂 Bathing



The baby bath we've been using has been getting small for Arata. He can easily reach the other end of the bath by his feet now. He sometimes splashes water and makes the carpet wet. We've started to take him in the normal bath every now and then to get him used to it.

When he first took the big bath, he must have been so frightened. Immediately after he was out, he started shivering. Probably he sensed my lack of confidence because when mum is nervous, baby senses it and feels nervous, too. Recently, he's started to used to the big bath. He especially likes being rocked gently in the water.

For us, the most enjoyable moment is when we take his clothes off and wrap him with a towel before taking him to the bathroom. He knows what's coming next and laughs!

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