Friday 22 April 2005

+16W 4D 社交 Socialisation



I join baby groups or chatting over coffee with other mums nearly every day. The main purpose is to get rid of the pressure of looking after baby all day alone. It's quite good to meet other mums to talk rather than staying at home. Arata has started to be awake much longer now and it's easier for me to look after him while talking to somebody else as my mind can be a bit off and relaxed. It's also good for Arata as he can learn how to socialise with others. When we simply put 2 babies lying side by side, they smile, talk and touch each other. If there is a bit older child, she tries to look after Arata. Often Arata's nap is distracted or he is forced to play against his will. But this is quite normal environment if Arata has a brother or sister, and that's why, it is precious little time for Arata as well.

We went to the cafe at Wapping John Orwell Sport Centre and spent about 5 hours this afternoon. Yesterday, Arata and I met Michiko and her daughter Poppy who I got to know on the internet. The photo is Arata and Poppy. She is only 10 days younger than Arata. When putting them together for a photo session, they put their arms together. It was so natural and cute. Well, when Arata was using her play gym, he not only punched the toys with his hands but also kicked them with his feet. He then proudly pushed down the arch where toys are hanging with his both feet! He showed how strong a baby boy Arata is!

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