Saturday 30 April 2005

+17W 5D 湖水地方 Lake district

一週間のホリデーから戻った。湖水地方は片道車で5時間。途中で何度かアラタに授乳したりで、10時間ぐらいかけて行った。Pine Lakeというコテージに泊まる。コットを一週間7ポンド(1400円)で借りる。いつもと違った部屋でもアラタはいつも通りで安心。ただ、室温が違ったりするので、アラタが寒くないかなあと、私の方が心配して疲れた。その上、高速走行時にアラタがおなかをすかせて泣き出してもすぐには止まれない。これは、かなりのストレスだった。アラタは、初めて見たアヒルの親子にジーっと見入ったり、一気に芽を吹いた新緑の木々の枝が風になびいているのを一生懸命見ていた。風邪はよくなったが、どうやら4ヶ月の成長期の真っ只中には変わりなく、夜中に3回ぐらい起き続けている。

Came back from Lake District. It takes 5 hours by car normally but we had to stop to feed Arata from time to time and it took about 10 hours one way. We stayed at Pine Lake cottage. Rented a cot for 7 pounds per week. Arata slept well even in a different cot or room, which is good. It was much tougher for me to sleep as I was worried if the room temperature was too low etc. Travelling by car for long hours was also quite stressful for me because we can not stop immediately when Arata starts to cry for milk! During holiday, Arata had lots of new experiences. He was really amazed by a duck family, especially small ducklings? Arata also spent hours watching leaves on trees moving! His cold has been better but the 4 month growth spurt hasn't finished yet. He still wakes up 3 times a night for feeding.

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