Saturday 21 May 2005

+20W 4D 立ちたがり I want to stand up!



Tosh's family came to visit us. His son Rion is 6 years old. He doesn't look a small child any longer and has already grown into a 'boy'! When we saw Rena last time, she was just a baby but she is now 3 years old. It's interesting to see that the age gap between Arata and Rena is exactly same as my brother and me. Both Rion and Rena are really good children. They behave very well. I hope we will also be able to discipline Arata as Tosh and Satomi have done to them. Tosh and Satomi gave Arata a pair of tiny shoes. He's had a couple of booties but never had a proper pair of shoes before. I am now looking forward to seeing Arata walking in them. Maybe, not so far because he always insists on standing up!

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