Tuesday 7 June 2005

+23W 1D リトルモンキー Little Monkeys


歩いて3分ぐらいのところにある、Maybury Centreで火曜日10時からリトルモンキーというトドラークラス(1.5ポンド。約300円。)があるので行ってみた。ほとんどが歩ける子供でアラタを含めて赤ちゃんは4人。赤ちゃんは一角に作られたエリアで遊ばせるだけ。やっぱりベイビーヨガやマッサージのような目的がある方が面白い。集まりの最後にみんなで床に輪になって座ってナーサリーソングを歌う。この間買った2枚のCDをしょっちゅう聞いているので、英語のナーサリーソングもかなり歌えて私は少しほっとした。


There is a toddler class, Little Monkeys, at the Maybury Centre, which is only 3 minutes walk from our flat, on Tuesday morning. (1.5 pounds.) Most of the children are over 1 years old and there were only 4 babies including Arata today. Babies are sitting and playing in a corner of the hall. It would be more interesting if there is some sort of purpose like baby yoga or massage.... At the end of the meeting, we sit on the floor and sing nursery rhymes together, which was quite fun. I felt relieved as I knew most of the songs from the CDs we always play at home.

Arata speaks a lot now. He learns new sounds day by day. When we go out, he often keeps talking in the buggy and lots of people come to talk to him!

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