Wednesday 8 June 2005

+23W 2D トドラーグループ Toddler groups




とりあえず図書館でやっている5歳児以下向けのリーディングクラスに行こうと思って向かっていると、ショッピングセンターの横の教会に「Tots and toddlers class」という看板を発見。早速覗いてみた。水曜日の10時から11時45分までトドラークラスがあるようだ。もう11時半ごろだったので、中に入ると、主催している女性がやってきて「ちょっと立ち寄ってみたのね、どうぞ」と招いてくれた。昨日の集まり同様、ほとんどが歩ける幼児だが、赤ちゃんもちらほら。教会の主宰のせいか、雰囲気も穏やかでいい感じ。最後にやはり床に輪になってみんなでナーサリーソングを歌うのはどのグループも同じようだ。会費はお茶代として1ポンド。来週は早くから来てみよう。




It was really hot today. I dressed Arata with All blacks kit. He was really cute in it. Arata did his first Haka! It must be genetic because he's never learnt it!!

When we were walking, I saw a sign 'Tots and toddlers class' outside of the church in the town centre. We just popped in. A woman who organised the meeting came up to me and said, 'Did you just wander in?' The meeting is from 10 to 11.45 on Wednesday mornings. We got in just before it finished today. There were more babies than in the group yesterday. As it is held in church, the atmosphere was really nice. At the end of the meeting, we sit on the floor and sing nursery rhymes. This must be quite standard in any toddler groups in this area. The fee is one pound. We should go earlier next time.

I've tried to find a group for babies but have found none so far. I now know why. In Wapping, most of the mums are first time mums because relatively young couples live there. And after they have their first baby, they usually move to greener areas. Woking is one of the choices for them. Lots of people move out of London to settle in Surrey. So people here usually have more than 1 child. If you have a toddler and a baby, you cannot go to baby only classes because his sister or brother won't sit still. They just take all kids to one group, which is a toddler class.

Anyway, we then walked to the south of the station and went to the swimming pool and the leisure centre. There are a couple of slots for babys and toddlers at the swimming pool. We may go there one Sunday. At the Leisure Centre, there are again no baby classes but they have a creche for 6 months or older children. I will probably go to Aerobics soon!

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