Monday 13 June 2005

+24W 0D 離乳食3日目 The 3rd day of weaning



月金の10時から1時まで、Goldworth Rd の Cafe Continentalで「Coffee Morning」というお母さんの集まりがあると図書館に張り紙があったのでのぞきに行ってみたが誰もいなかった。

Can you see Arata's 2 little teeth in this photo? He had about 6 spoonful of porridge. Well, the spoon I am using is really small and I reckon 6 spoonful means only 2 for the standard size???? Not sure, though. I've heard that poo will become smelly once weaning starts but Arata's poo hasn't changed much yet.

I saw an notice of 'Coffee morning for mums', which is held at the cafe Continental in Goldworth Rd on every Monday and Friday from 10.00 to 13.00, at the library. We went to have a look. But nobody was there...

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