Sunday 26 June 2005

+25W 6D 掃除 Do the cleaning




I hate doing the cleaning. We now have a small baby and I know I have to keep his surroundings nice and clean but.... I don't mind putting things away, hiding them from our eyes actually, but I tend to put off hoovering or cleaning bathrooms. When I was sharing a flat in St John's Wood, our landload was with us and he did all the cleaning except for our own rooms. It was really good. No wonder I didn't move out for more than 4 years! I often think seriously about employing a cleaning lady, like the one we had when I was in Singapore. Probably it will come true when I go back to work next year.

Only the motivation to do the cleaning is a plan somebody visits us. Today, Beth and Jill, friends of Jason's mum, came to see us. They are at the moment in Europe for holiday and they have decided to drop in. If our friends visit us often, our flat will be always clean. To tell the truth, it was Jason who did the cleaning today....

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