Saturday 2 July 2005

+26W 5D お誕生日パーティー Alistair's birthday party





We went to Alistair's 1st birthday party in Beckenham. The party was held in a church hall and there were more than 20 adults and children. Plenty of nice food! (Well, George never disappoints us!) I especially loved the bobochacha! George told me that they could get Malaysian yam through a friend who is working for the Malaysian embassy! I always envy the strong and useful(!) Chinese connections all over the world!!

We last saw Alistair, Sue and George when Arata wasn't even one month old. At that time, Alistair was about the same age as Arata is now.
If you look at the photo taken on the day (click here!)
, Alistair was still a chubby baby. But now, he is a cute boy! Arata is also no longer a baby who is always sleeping and they don't look much different today, do they? At the party, someone always came to hold Arata and I could enjoy some baby-free time! I thought Arata's shyness has started but I must have been day dreaming.

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