Saturday 23 July 2005

+29W 6D 週末外来 Outpatient on weekend



週末はGPは開いていないが、緊急連絡先に電話して症状を伝えると、週末担当の医者から折り返し電話があった。電話での問診の結果、その医者がアラタを診てくれることになり、指示通りカルポルを飲ませて30分後にWoking Community Hospitalの外来へ。心音など特に問題はなし。カルポルを熱が下がるまで定期的に上げて、暖かく湿らせたガーゼで体を拭いて(気化熱で体温を下げる)、暑くならないように薄着にして寝かせなさいとの指示。


Arata went to sleep after taking Calpol on Friday, but he could not sleep well. (Me neither!) His temperature didn't change much yesterday morning. After eating a bit of food around lunch time, he thrown up all he'd eaten and drunken on Jason's trousers. He then fell asleep but when he woke up in the late afternoon, he still had the same temperature.

I rang the Thames Doc, the centerlised out-of-hour doctor call centre, to tell the symptoms, and one of the doctors called back. He booked an appointment at the outpatient at Woking Community Hospital for him and we went to see him after giving Arata 5ml Calpol as advised. Arata was ok. The doctor told me to keep giving him Calpol till the temperature has dropped, and to wipe his body with wet towel to reduce the temperature.

This morning and afternoon, just before Calpol's effect time was up, Arata's temperature went up. I recokon the original problem hasn't improved much but at least his temperature has been controled. If the increase of his temperature doesn't catch up with the interval of Calpol doses, we could give him stronger medicine, Neurofen for children. The important thing is to keep the temperature not to reach very high, which may cause fits. That's all we can do... This photo was taken today. He looks ok in it, doesn't he?

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